1999-11-23 Nas "Nastradamus" [Nastradamus]
Weigh the bricks, and we loco, so broke, brown coke won't sell
1998-05-19 8Ball "The Artist Pays The Price" [Lost]
Rather be broke or slingin dope than hold my tongue back
1998-06-02 Lunasicc "Strictly Business" feat. Killa Tay [A Million Words, A Million Dollars]
Let 'em know I'm locced, leavin' 'em broke like it was Christmas
1992-01-22 South Central Cartel "South Central Madness" [South Central Madness]
Who croaked when the gunsmoke broke, you're half-loc'ed
2000-07-11 Big L "Platinum Plus" feat. Big Daddy Kane [The Big Picture]
Yo, I'm straight loco, to hell with you and your broke hoe
1997-08-26 Coolio "My Soul" [My Soul]
The same pair of locs, that's probably why you're broke
2006-01 Joe Budden "Three Sides To A Story" [Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?]
So we don't go broke, I'm back to this hammer that I hafta tote