Soul Kid Klik


2001 Soul Kid Klik "Desperate Times" feat. Skinslaya [Invisible Army]
Shiesty A and R's get strangled in the trunk of cars
2002-04-02 Antipop Consortium "Mega" [Arrhythmia]
Petty rappers, frontin' gun clappers, A&R sellin you cars
2006 Billy Cook "Rep The South Side" feat. Mr. 3-2 [The Truth]
Candy cars, white cups, sipping bar real slow
2011 E.S.G. "Wish U Wood" feat. Bun B, Slim Thug [Owner's Manual]
H-town, Texas, candy cars and barre
2001-08-21 Juvenile "In Ya Ass" [Project English]
Ride round in the toughest cars, double R's