Layzie Bone


1999-12-28 Jay-Z "Watch Me" feat. Dr. Dre [Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter]
Still gettin brain, and it's plain ain't a thang gon' change over
2005-05-31 Layzie Bone "She Came Ta Party" feat. DJ Dre Ghost, Thin C. [It's Not A Game]
The headliners change just to give us some brain
2011-11-15 Drake "The Motto" feat. Lil Wayne [Take Care]
Still gettin brain from a thang, ain't shit change
2004-10-05 The Game "Exclusively" feat. Get Low Playaz, Young Noble [Untold Story]
Can't stop, can't change, young sav stuck in the game
2005-07-12 S.L.A.B. "The H" feat. Z-Ro [The Anthem]
H-town is where I hang, change lanes, and grip on grain
1999 Bootleg "Death Before Dishonesty" [Death Before Dishonesty]
Some say the game can make you change when you havin' thangs
1996-08-27 Sir Mix-A-Lot "You Can Have Her" [Return of The Bumpasaurus]
Things change, when you don't maintain
2000-11-21 B.G. "Ah Ha" [Checkmate]
Game don't change, still hustle to maintain
2000-12-12 Field Mob "Project Dreams" [613: Ashy To Classy]
Now I got a chance to change things and maintain
2001-06-26 Z-Ro "Friends" feat. Cl'Che, Den Den [King of Da Ghetto]
Mary Jane don't change, she stay the same, help maintain
2003-08-26 Nappy Roots "Sick & Tired" feat. Anthony Hamilton [Wooden Leather]
First you learn to maintain, after that create change
2003-09-09 Trae "Ain't No Turnin Back" feat. Z-Ro [Losing Composure]
Trying to get change on top of change, stressing my brain trying to maintain
2005-03-29 The Game "The Streetz of Compton" feat. JT The Bigga Figga [West Coast Resurrection]
Stackin his change to maintain in the streets of Compton
2005-09-21 Lecrae "The Line" [Real Talk]
We do this to maintain and change the mainframe
2011-03-11 Mac Miller "Best Day Ever" [Best Day Ever]
There's nothing that can change it, thumbs up, I'm maintaining
1993-02-16 2Pac "Peep Game" feat. Threat [Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.]
The fame can't change what the game maintains
1995-08-29 Junior M.A.F.I.A. "Realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A." feat. Jamal, The Notorious B.I.G. [Conspiracy]
Like rockin Cuban change, bitch copped the range
2002-10-08 Boot Camp Clik "Let's Get Down 2 Bizness" [The Chosen Few]
I'm tryna change from Lex to Range
2002-10-08 Boot Camp Clik "Let's Get Down 2 Bizness" [The Chosen Few]
I'ma tryna change from Lex to Range
2005-02-15 E.S.G. "Get Cha Shine On" [Family Business]
Niggaz spend change on ery'thang, baby mama riding in a brand new Range
2001-09-11 Jay-Z "Song Cry" [The Blueprint]
Woodgrain, four and change, Armor All'd down