J.R. Writer


2006-07-11 J.R. Writer "Byrd Call" feat. Cam'Ron [History In The Making]
When you see the narcs attack, let me know, start to clap
2014-09-09 Rittz "White Rapper" [Next to Nothing]
No one likes to clap or give you dap
2015-03-03 DJ EFN "Crazy Dope" feat. Milk Dee, Murda Mook, Sean Price [Another Time]
True fact, it ain't worth me lettin' these tools clap
2004-04-20 Akinyele "In The Zone" [Live At The Barbecue: Unreleased Hits]
My gat clap like pitty-pat, fuck a Smith & Wes
1999-08-24 Puff Daddy "Real Niggas" feat. Lil' Kim, The Notorious B.I.G. [Forever]
I tote gats wit my nigga, clap wit my nigga
2000-11-20 Capone-N-Noreaga "All We Got Is Us" [The Reunion]
Hand on my MAC, cock back, ready to clap
2007-10-29 La The Darkman & Willie The Kid "Pussy Pop" [Dead Presidents]
The badunkadunk phat, she know how to make it clap