1994-04-19 Nas "N.Y. State of Mind" [Illmatic]
Sewin' up the blocks to sell rocks, winnin' gunfights with mega cops
1999-11-02 Lil Wayne "Tha Block Is Hot" feat. B.G., Juvenile [Tha Block Is Hot]
Dodgin cops and burnin blocks, so we be thugged out
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "Mash For Our Cash" feat. C-Styles [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
I'ma make the boppers bop, and your mama call the cops
1997-06-17 Lil' Keke "Still Pimping The Pen" [Don't Mess Wit Texas]
I'mma swang on these boppers, I'mma clown these cops
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "Mash for Our Cash" [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
Swang on bops, fuck cops
2012-06-05 Big K.R.I.T. "Cool 2 Be Southern" [Live From The Underground]
Off top, my drop, rims chop, no cops, drink pop
1993-11-09 Wu-Tang Clan "C.R.E.A.M." [Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)]
We got stick-up kids, corrupt cops, and crack rocks
1999-02-23 A+ "Boyz 2 Men" feat. Canibus, Mr. Cheeks [Hempstead High]
Fuck cops, we puffin' lah wit windows up in drop-tops
2000-01-04 Mary J. Blige "Sincerity" feat. DMX, Nas [Deep Inside]
Fled from the cops 'till when my first joint dropped
2003-03-04 Fabolous "Sickalicious" feat. Missy Elliott [Street Dreams]
I'm da papi cholo, the cops say the tops on the drops is too low
2000-10-31 Popa Wu "Never Shit Where You Eat" feat. Dungeon Masta, Layza Life, Popa Chief [Visions of The Tenth Chamber]
Bust my glock, thugged out, bring in the cops
1995-05-16 Red Hot Lover Tone "4 My Peeps" feat. M.O.P., The Notorious B.I.G., Prince Poetry [#1 Player]
Tote glocks, drop cops that mistake me for Rodney, strictly headshots
1998-10-13 Big Pun "Sex, Money & Drugs" feat. Next [Slam Soundtrack]
Forget the cops, we got digits and glocks too
2004-09-14 San Quinn "Sav Boyz" feat. C-BO, Killa Tay [I Give You My Word]
Keep a breezy to spot cops in case we got chops and glocks
2004-09-14 San Quinn "Sav Boyz" feat. C-BO, Killa Tay [I Give You My Word]
Super sav boy, keep a breezy to spot cops in case we got chops and glocks
2005-05-17 Memphis Bleek "Infatuated" feat. Boxie [534]
Getting guac, middle finger to cops
2009-04-17 Dr. Ama "Keep It In Da Street" feat. Blackk Starr, Young G [Split Personali-d]
I'm on blocks with gwop, exchanging shots with the cops
1995-10-31 Da Dozenz "In This To Win This" [The Next Chapter: Strictly Underground]
Your boots get rocked, hops, like Rodney King with the cops
2007-03-20 Evidence "Hot & Cold" feat. The Alchemist [The Weatherman LP]
With a big knot from sellin' hot rocks, duckin' cops on hot blocks
2000-02-22 D.I.T.C. "Da Enemy" feat. Big L, Fat Joe [D.I.T.C.]
Knots in my socks, cops think I'm selling rocks
2005-09-27 The Longshots "First Brick" [Hunger Music]
Still carry sharp rocks to stab cops in the back of they knots
1991-09-24 A Tribe Called Quest "Everything Is Fair" [The Low End Theory]
She winks at the cops, always give her props
1992-05-05 Gang Starr "Stay Tuned" [Daily Operation]
I'm takin' his props, so call the cops
1993-04-13 Mobb Deep "Me & My Crew" [Juvenile Hell]
Props for killin cops, I'm hellbound
1994-03-22 Main Source "Down Low" [Fuck What You Think]
I get props, I get stopped by the cops
1994-04-19 Shyheim "Little Rascals" [AKA The Rugged Child]
I got more props than your 1,000 cops
1994-08-16 Organized Konfusion "Stray Bullet" [Stress: The Extinction Agenda]
Peep the cops in the ghetto, bustin' shots for props
2002-05-14 Cam'Ron "Oh Boy" feat. Juelz Santana [Come Home With Me]
Be on the block with my boy with the rock or the boy, when the cops come. Squalie!
2008-11-10 Reef The Lost Cauze "Bad Lieutenant" [A Vicious Cycle]
A dedicated team of sheisty cops, you want them white tiny rocks?
2003-04-15 Z-Ro "Playa Don’t" feat. Chad Jones, H20, Lyrical 187, Mr. Gott Damn [A Bad Azz Mix Tape]
I'ma hit you where it hurt, and wreck shop like bad cops