Soulja Boy


2010-06-08 Soulja Boy "Steez" [The Deandre Way]
Purple drank for real, bank 'fore the deal
2003-02-25 Juggaknots "Jivetalk" [Clear Blue Skies (Re-Release)]
If you know the deal, then you gots to keep it real
2014-11-05 Migos "Came to Party" [Rich Nigga Timeline]
2004-08-24 Pitbull "Hustler's Withdrawal" [M.I.A.M.I.]
He used to do the dope he used to deal, I'm juss' keepin it real
1998-04-28 Big Pun "You Came Up" feat. Noreaga [Capital Punishment]
The way I kept it real is more important than any record deal
2003-02-06 50 Cent "In Da Club" [Get Rich Or Die Tryin]
Got a mill out the deal, and I'm still on the grind
2000-05-16 Royal Flush "Creep" feat. 151-Ron Bacardi, J-Mel, Rah Bump [Game Over]
Vocals be real, I pulled ya card and told you the deal
1998-02-24 Above The Law "L.A. Vibe" [Legends]
Capture all the scrill record deal could bring to me
1998-09-22 Big Tymers "Millionaire Dream" feat. Bun B, Lil Wayne [How You Luv That]
What the deal, on the real, it's all about scrill
2000-07-18 Big Moe "Choppas" feat. D-Gotti, D-Wreck, Noke D [City of Syrup]
It's all about the scrill, want a billon dollar deal
2002-02-26 Nappy Roots "Hustla" [Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz]
2002-06-25 E-40 "End of The World" [Grit & Grind]
Get a distribution deal, brush up some of this dirty scrill
2002-06-25 E-40 "The Slap" [Grit & Grind]
Herbal kill deal, chill pill, scrill deal
1990-12-15 EPMD "For My People" [Business As Usual]
Real deal, of course, I pack steel, shit's thick
1992-04-26 UGK "Tell Me Something Good" [The Southern Way]
If yo' ass ain't trill, bitch, you shuffled in the deal
2002-07-02 Juicy J "Mafia Niggaz" feat. Hypnotize Minds [Chronicles of The Juice Man]
He trill, and he know the deal, always packin' steel
2009-03-31 UGK "Still On The Grind" feat. Raheem Devaughn [UGK 4 Life]
Roll with the trill, we don't deal with the skeptics, mayne