Puff Daddy


1997-07-01 Puff Daddy "I Got The Power" feat. The LOX [No Way Out]
The young don, the heron mover
2007-02-27 Wisemen "Phillie Freestyle" [Wisemen Arrived]
Catch a couple of hot ones, fuck with the top don
1998-11-24 RZA "Terrorist" feat. Black Knights, Killarmy [Bobby Digital In Stereo]
Chasin the don, your money ain't long
2003-11-04 Fabolous "F You Too" feat. Paul Cain [More Street Dreams Pt. 2: The Mixtape]
Y'all hopin that the don fall off, but my money's long enough
1990-09-14 Grand Daddy I.U. "Pick Up The Pace" [Smooth Assassin]
The vocal phenomenon, word is bond, the U's a don
2005-07-04 Afu-Ra "Dynamite" [State of The Arts]
Yea, don, word is bond, I gotta flow