Erick Sermon


1995-11-07 Erick Sermon "Freak Out" feat. Redman [Double Or Nothing]
Go get the 4 pound, and boogie down
2005-09-27 The Longshots "If You With Me (NY Anthem)" [Hunger Music]
Thug niggaz with the 4-pound'll back that ass down
2004-03-15 Usher "Yeah (Remix)" feat. Baby Cham, Lil Jon, Ludacris [Yeah (Remix)]
Peace up, A-town down
2005-07-26 Young Jeezy "Bang" feat. Lil Scrappy, T.I. [Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101]
Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down
2006-02-07 Dem Franchize Boyz "Freaky As She Wanna Be" feat. Trey Songz [On Top of Our Game]
They from down A-town, V.A., all around the world, baby
2016-05-06 Rittz "Top of the Line" [Top of the Line]
When I'm in your city, hit the stage, I bounce from the Northside up, A-Town down
1995-01-10 Smif-N-Wessun "Stand Strong" [Dah Shinin]
1999-12-07 The Notorious B.I.G. "Would You Die For Me" feat. Lil' Kim, Puff Daddy [Born Again]
Bucktown lay your ass down
1995-07-25 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "East 1999" [E. 1999 Eternal]
Niggaz it's going down up in the C-town
1998-05-05 Mos Def "Body Rock" feat. Q-Tip, Tash [Lyricist Lounge, Volume One]
Chi town gettin down
2006 Chamillionaire "Let 'Em Know" [Mix Tape Messiah 2]
Player might fly down to the Chi-town
2013-06-14 J. Cole "Sparks Will Fly" [Born Sinner]
Kicked me when I was down, and so they clowned on me
1998-06-08 Canibus "Shout Out To Lost Boyz" [U-N-I Vs. All]
Totin' the four-pound, holdin the fort down
1999-08-10 The Beatnuts "Beatnuts Forever" [Violator - The Album]
Knock your door down, strong man with the four-pound
2002-11-26 Kool G Rap "Good Die Young" [The Giancana Story]
Bust a four pound, man down, found in the lot swollen
1996-02-13 Mad Skillz "It's Goin' Down" [From Where???]
Lettin off like four-pounds, now bust how it go down
2005-10-30 Buddha Monk "Real Niggas" feat. Floorless [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son]
Up and down the block, with four pounds and uzis on me now
2013-11-19 The Godfathers "Wolf Eyes" feat. Mr. Hyde [Once Upon a Crime]
The four-pounds put 'em down, the knives leavin marks
1998-03-17 Mack 10 "You Delinquent" feat. Scarface [The Player's Club Soundtrack]
I went from Inglewood to H-town, tryin' to put the hustle down
1998-03-17 Fat Pat "Superstar" feat. Billy Cook, Mike D [Ghetto Dreams]
Down in H-town, we was born to be playas
1998-06-30 MC Ren "Who In The Fuck" feat. 8Ball & MJG [Ruthless For Life]
Penetratin' somethin' fly down in H-town
1999-05-18 Big Pokey "Gage Play" feat. Big Rue, Mr. 3-2 [Hardest Pit In The Litter]
The death rate down in H-town is increasing
1999-10-05 Ghetto Twiinz "Us Bitches" [Realest Niggaz Down South]
N.O. to H-town, we layin' it down
2000-01-04 H.A.W.K. "Down N H-Town (Remix)" feat. Big Pokey, Lil' Keke, Mike D [Under Hawk's Wings]
Down in H-town the realest gon' stand out
2000-10-16 Scarface "It Ain't Part II" [The Last of A Dying Breed]
I'm shuttin niggas down, H-town is mine, I bet you know now
2002-10-08 7L & Esoteric "Rest In Peace" [Dangerous Connection]
I fall face down, background is H-town
2002-12-03 Big Moe "Star 2 Nite" feat. A3, Killa Milla, Ronnie Spencer [The Dirty Third 2: Home Sweet Home Soundtrack]
Be ready for H-town, it's going all the way down, come on
2003-12-19 Chris Ward "By Any Means" feat. Lil' Pop, M.O.E., Todd [Veteran Rookie]
Down in H-town we take slab to extreme
2004-01-06 Big Pokey "Sick In Da Mind" feat. Kevo, Lil' O [A Bad Azz Mix Tape III]
Down in H-town, if you snooze, you lose
2004-02-04 Chamillionaire "I'm Tip Down" feat. Rasaq [The Mix Tape Messiah]
From that H-town to yo town, we tippin' down
2004 Dougie D "P.I.M.P." feat. Tony Montana [Grown Man Shit]
In that H-town it go down, the home of the Astrodome
2005-03-29 Lil' Keke "Swaggar Back" [Undaground All-Stars: Da Texas Line Up]
Down in H-town, I'm prolly smoking a pound
2005-04-19 Mike Jones "Screw Dat" [Who Is Mike Jones?]
We started the purple stuff down in H-town
2005-04-19 Mike Jones "Know What I'm Sayin" feat. Bun B, Lil' Keke [Who Is Mike Jones?]
Down in H-town we grippin on grain, flippin on swang, sippin that drank
2005-07-12 S.L.A.B. "Tha Streets" feat. Bun B, H.A.W.K., Mike D, Paul Wall, Z-Ro [The Anthem]
It's H-town, stay down, the streets made us from day one
2005-07-12 S.L.A.B. "Catch Me In Tha Lot" [The Anthem]
Down in H-town, we ain't scared of no jackers
2005-07-26 Mr. 3-2 "Heat Packers" feat. Beezo, Pup [A Bad Azz Mixtape 5]
Down in H-town, the home of the heat packers
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "Big Ballin'" [The People's Champ]
Ball in the mix I'm off the chain, it's goin down, H-town
2005 Screwed Up Click "It's What I Do" feat. Lil' Keke [Straight Wreckin: The S.U.C. Mixtape Vol. 2]
I lay you niggaz down, reppin' H-town
2006-11-21 2Pac "Whatz Next" feat. A3, Jay Rock [Pac's Life]
Bounce wit me Cali, body-rock down in H-town
2009-10-27 Sha Stimuli "Move Back" feat. Freeway, Young Chris [My Soul To Keep]
Down in the H-town, or Miami with Heat
2012-01-19 Kirko Bangz "Mind Went Blank" [Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa]
I gotta stay down, H-town up in the air when I'm around
2012-03-20 Chamillionaire "Let's Get That (Remix)" feat. Doughbeezy, Marcus Manchild [Ammunition EP]
You know these clowns won't be able to keep H-Town down
2014-03-25 Screwed Up Click "Right Here" [The Take Over]
Hey, I'm a H-Town nigga, stay down, nigga
1999-10-12 Spice 1 "What The Fuck" feat. Noreaga [Immortalized]
Aiyyo, now you know, from Oaktown now down to Sacramento
2002-05-28 Lil' Keke "Birds Fly South" [Birds Fly South]
I'm bout to touch down, headed to Oaktown
1989 Maestro Fresh-Wes "Drop The Needle" [Symphony In Effect]
I'll be down to pound and jump mofo
1996-06-04 Ice-T "Forced To Do Dirt" [Return Of The Real]
I'm talkin 'bout weight down, like movin' keys and pounds
2008-07-22 Big Pokey "Boss Hogg On Candy" feat. Slim Thug [Evacuation Notice]
Don't leave home without the iron, extra rounds in case it go down
2008-11-25 Anybody Killa "Attitude" [Mudface]
Who wants try to calm me down when I'm in a state of mind that wants to let off rounds
1996-02-13 2Pac "California Love" feat. Dr. Dre [All Eyez On Me]
From Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and back down, Cali is where they put they mack down
1998-02-24 C-BO "Major Pain & Mr. Bossalini" feat. Spice 1 [Til My Casket Drops]
Down in Sac-town, capitol of killa Cali
2006-12-19 Ghostface Killah "Miguel Sanchez" feat. Sun God, Trife Da God [More Fish]
They knew my background, knew about what happened down in Sac town
1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Now" feat. Da Ranjahz [Coming of Age]
Yo, never put the heat down, creep without a three pound
1997-08-26 Diamond "Hiatus" [Hatred, Passions & Infidelity]
You don't wanna throw down, seen how I knocked the other foe down
2005-12-13 Ludacris "DTP For Life" feat. I-20, Lil' Fate [Ludacris Presents... Disturbing Tha Peace]
If we go down at all, I'm quick to throw down & brawl
1998-07-07 Kane & Abel "'Bout That Combat" feat. Full Blooded, Soulja Slim [Am I My Brothers Keeper]
They would bow down, we throwin down, that's how we react
1996-10-29 Black Moon "Buckshot's Freestyle Joint" [Diggin' In Dah Vaults]
Break you fucking down, you's a clown, with my tre-pound
1995-07-18 Guru "The Traveler" [Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality]
Midwest to down south, I turn it out, capisce?
1998-08-04 Snoop Dogg "Tru Tank Dogs" feat. Mystikal [Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told]
1991-11-12 Raw Fusion "Do My Thang" [Live From The Styleetron]
See, I was down, brah, but let me get down to V-town