Lil' Flip


2007-03-27 Lil' Flip "Starched & Cleaned" feat. Big Pokey, Lil' Keke [I Need Mine]
You sip you drank and get you bank, this is H-town
2007-12-04 Scarface "Who Do You Believe In" [Made]
Drank to handlebar, heron, X, and crank
1999-05-18 Big Pokey "Ball N-Parlay" [Hardest Pit In The Litter]
I'mma pour up drank, roll up dank, stay on the grind
2003 T-Pop "Lil Mama" feat. Bunny B, Cupid, Mr. Phat, Thomas [Wise Guy]
Going hard in the paint, talking bout where the weed and the X, and the fucking drank
2005-04-19 Mike Jones "Know What I'm Sayin" feat. Bun B, Lil' Keke [Who Is Mike Jones?]
Down in H-town we grippin on grain, flippin on swang, sippin that drank
2005-04-19 Mike Jones "Flossin'" feat. Big Moe [Who Is Mike Jones?]
Sippin drank on 84 swangers