Fes Taylor


2008 Fes Taylor "On Grind" [Fresh Air Fund]
I said, matter of fact, Cadillac, fuck an Ac'
1990-05-16 Ice Cube "Tales From The Darkside" feat. Chuck D [Amerikkka's Most Wanted]
That's a fact, got a fear on their bozack
2015-03-03 DJ EFN "Crazy Dope" feat. Milk Dee, Murda Mook, Sean Price [Another Time]
True fact, it ain't worth me lettin' these tools clap
2005-05-10 Chamillionaire "Victory Flow" [Chamillitary]
No need for that gat, cause fact is the raps kill em
1999-07-13 Too $hort "Don't Trust Her" feat. Badwayz [Can't Stay Away]
Matter of fact, I got some weed in the 'llac
1993-05-25 Big Daddy Kane "Here Comes Kane, Scoob & Scrap" [Looks Like A Job For...]
Fifty percent on wax, no matter of fact
2013-01-15 A$AP Rocky "Wild For The Night" [Long. Live. A$AP]
2004-03-23 Eyedea & Abilities "One Twenty" [E&A]
The fact is we blasting the wackness
1996-10-29 Yo Yo "Same Ol' Thang (Everyday)" [Total Control]
On my back, sipping yak, smoking fat-ass sack, in fact