Master P


2001-12-21 Master P "The Block" [Game Face]
Fiends beatin on the window, lookin for tha crack pipe
2001-01-23 Fredro Starr "Dyin' 4 Rap" [Firestarr]
Never put greens on top, never put fiends on lock
2005-08-29 CYNE "Rousseau" feat. Rico Suave [Evolution Fight]
Daily routines like fiends that's stuck on the crack pipe
2002-06-18 Wyclef Jean "80 Bars" [Masquerade]
I seen two fiends fighting over a crack pipe
2000-12-19 Lil Wayne "On The Grind" [Lights Out]
Z's to the fiends, and ecstasy and weed to the teens