Black Sheep


1994-12-06 Black Sheep "Peace To The Niggas" [Non-Fiction]
Jets to 'jects, I flex them cheques, my fam in the plan
1994-09-13 Big Daddy Kane "That's How I Did 'Em" [Daddy's Home]
I was out flex, lookin cold sex in a Lex
1995-05-26 King Just "Sex, Cess & The Blas'e Blah" [Mystics of The God]
All I want is marijuana and sex and flex in the lex
1998-06-02 Tommy Tee "Takin' Ova Us" feat. Joe Sexx, Mr. Eon, Resevoir Doggs, Shabaam Sahdeeq [Bonds, Beats & Beliefs]
Go Tex with the Lex as we flex this
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "We Ain't Trippin' No Mo" feat. Z-Ro [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
Invisible set, baguettes, Rolex when I flex in the Lex with the big S-S
1987 Antoinette "Hit 'Em With This" [Hurby's Machine: The House That Rap Built]
Every rhyme able to flex, plex and vex
1993-05-04 5th Ward Boyz "Blood, Sweat & Glory" [Ghetto Dope]
I flex vest and pull a strap with a phat gat