1997-08-19 Royal Flush "Family Problems" [Ghetto Millionaire]
Brother scared as shit, losin my mind, my moms flip
1996-07-15 Sadat X "Game's Sober" feat. Money Boss Players [Wild Cowboys]
Flip a brick for the triple figures
1996-08-06 Nine "Tha Product" feat. U-Neek [Cloud 9]
This rap shit is cool, but I still flip a brick
1996 B-Legit "Check It Out" feat. E-40, Kurupt [The Hemp Museum]
A half a brick to flip, large amount accounts
1998-05-24 Show & A.G. "Spit" [Full Scale]
Like 62 grams I flip quick, a brick couldn't slow me down
2003-07-15 Defari "Spell My Name" [Odds & Evens]
Grind, double flip, stack chip, stay away from the cops
1994-04-19 Nas "The World Is Yours" [Illmatic]
Trying to maintain, I flip, fill the clip to the tip
2017-10-13 Tech N9ne "Let Go" feat. Big Scoob, Darrein Safron [Strange Reign]
Fully-loaded clip, I'm 'bout to flip and get to dumpin hollows
1999 H.S.E. "Chop Chop" feat. E.S.G. [Hustlaz Stackin' Endz]
Flip too much, wood grain we grip too much
1996-09-16 Big Noyd "Episodes of A Hustla" [Episodes of A Hustla]
If you flip, you gettin hit with the four pound
2006-03-21 Apathy "Doe Raker Check" feat. Big Hoot, Emilio Lopez, Motive [Eastern Philosophy]
I roll with a clique that persists to flip that dough
1998-03-24 Das EFX "Rap Scholar" feat. Redman [Generation EFX]
Spit that, flip that shit to push your wig back
1991-09-03 Nice & Smooth "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" [Ain't A Damn Thing Changed]
Even when she crashed my whip, I didn't flip
1998-07-28 Celly Cel "Every Day Is Tha Weekend" feat. Otis, Shug [The G Filez]
Blowin' zips, chasin' chips, watchin' money flip