Gucci Mane


2003-11-25 H.A.W.K. "Home Of S.U.C." feat. Big Moe [A Bad Azz Mix Tape II]
If ya tape says fool that means ya so old school
2005-05-24 Gucci Mane "That's All" [Trap House]
Deuces on the old school, smokin on the dro, fool
1988-07-25 Eric B. & Rakim "Musical Massacre" [Follow The Leader]
Pull out the tool, sometimes I wanna break fool
1990-09-14 Grand Daddy I.U. "The U Is Smooth" [Smooth Assassin]
I carry a tool for any fool who might flip
1993-10-19 Black Moon "Ack Like U Want It" [Enta Da Stage]
Rule with the mad tool, fool, check what I said
1994 Hard 2 Obtain "L.I. Groove" [Ism & Blues]
See, I'm not a fool, I took my tool out my top drawer
1996-06-18 Heltah Skeltah "Letha Brainz Blo" [Nocturnal]
Tool's cocked, it ain't April 1st, but I'm breakin fool
1996-09-24 The Dayton Family "Ghetto" [F.B.I.]
I pack me a ghetto tool, gonna kill me a ghetto fool
2000-11-21 B.G. "Run With My Chopper" [Checkmate]
I'm a fool, Baby handed me my first tool
2000 Deadly Venoms "You Do The Things" [Pretty Thugs]
I pity the fool, I'm rude, plus I'm packing my tool
2001-01-01 Lil' Troy "For Years" feat. D-Man, R-Dis [Back To Ballin]
If I got my tool, I'ma drop a fool
2004-07-04 Trae "Had Enough" feat. Mack Biggers [Same Thing Different Day]
I'm a damn fool, and ain't no games fin to be played with the tool
2005-03-22 C-Murder "I Heard U Was Lookin' 4 Me" feat. Capone, Montez [The Truest Shit I Ever Said]
I'm a motherfuckin fool with my hand on my tool
2005-08-16 Cuban Link "Comin' Home With Me" feat. Avant [Chain Reaction]
Keep my tool off of safety, case some fool try to play me
2005-10-30 Buddha Monk "Me & My Peoples" feat. Lebang, Mello [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son]
I played the fool, went ahead and blazed a tool
2007-01 Rubbabandz "Look" feat. Mali Boy [New Jack City, Vol. 1: What The Streets Been Missin]
Holding the tool, ready to fool
2009-03-24 Rapper Big Pooh "Problems" feat. Jozeemo [Delightful Bars]
Fool with the tool, get abused when I act silly
2010-03-09 Ludacris "Party No Mo'" feat. Gucci Mane [Battle of The Sexes]
Don't be a fool, cause the tool's on tuck tuck
2011-03-28 Big K.R.I.T. "Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging Racism" [Return of 4Eva]
Wave the tool on a fool for some brand new shoes
2011-12-04 Tyga "Heisman" feat. Honey Cocaine [#BitchImTheShit]
Now, you a fool if you aim, I'll put a tool to ya brain
2013-02-12 Louie V Mob "BN" [New World Order]
I ain't lost a step, I'm a fool with that tool
2013-03-05 Travis Porter "Wassup" feat. Drego, Spodee [Mr. Porter]
That tool make a fool think twice
1998-09-01 Big Ed "Make Some Room" feat. C-Murder, Mac, Mia X, Snoop Dogg [The Assassin]
C-Murder is fool, and Big Ed, you know he's got tools
2003-08-19 T.I. "24's" [Trap Muzik]
My tools spark in the dark when I fool marks
2003-10-21 Loon "Friday Night" feat. P. Diddy [Loon]
I'm not no fool, I never put them tools away
2005-06-21 Webbie "Back Up" feat. Lil Boosie [Savage Life]
I been a fool out here, packin tools since middle school
2010-11-22 Kanye West "Devil In A New Dress" feat. Rick Ross [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]
When it come to tools, fool, I'm a Pep-Boy