1995-01-10 Smif-N-Wessun "Stand Strong" [Dah Shinin]
1997-09-15 Busta Rhymes "So Hardcore" [When Disaster Strikes]
Lost or found, flow will blast like a four pound!
2002-11-26 Kool G Rap "Good Die Young" [The Giancana Story]
Bust a four pound, man down, found in the lot swollen
1993-02-23 Naughty By Nature "Hip-Hop Hooray" [19 Naughty III]
Feel how Illtown drown smiles to frowns, snatchin' crowns from clowns, beatdowns are found
2005-03-22 The Perceptionists "People 4 Prez" [Black Dialogue]
I'mma throw down, the profound flow's found nowhere else but here