The Notorious B.I.G.


1997-03-25 The Notorious B.I.G. "Last Day" feat. The LOX [Life After Death]
1998-10-13 Dead Prez "Sellin D.O.P.E." [Slam Soundtrack]
The D's yell freeze
2005-05-10 Juice "Thanks For Havin Me" [All Bets Off]
He sees D's in back of him, ice freeze half of his soul
1997-06-24 Twista "Unsolved Mystery" [Adrenaline Rush]
Tell the Chi-town he freeze, they don't give a fuck if it was DT's
1984 Cold Crush Brothers "Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold" [Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold]
Our rhymes will freeze all fake MC's
2001-02-27 Dirty "Candyman" [The Pimp & Da Gangsta]
Dirty skeez, won't you freeze at ease
2000-12-05 Memphis Bleek "Do My" feat. Jay-Z [The Understanding]
I don't freeze wrists, I just skeeze bitches