1987-11-04 Ice-T "Pain" [Rhyme Pays]
I think I'll join a gang, sling a little cane
2006-07-21 PJ "Get In Ya Brains" [Rap Hustler 2]
On my game, having thangs with my Boss Hogg gang
2000-08-01 Mr. Shadow "Westside" [Expekt The Unexpekted]
You can't hang or maintain me and my gang
2002-06-11 Daz Dillinger "We Do This Passion" [This Is The Life I Lead]
Still tha gang, where we blast to maintain at close range
2013-03-26 Lil Wayne "Lay it Down" feat. Cory Gunz, Nicki Minaj [I Am Not a Human Being II]
She let a nigga run and get the gang, run a train, zoom zoom
2003-10-21 Hi-C "Coochie Coochie" feat. Diamonique [The Hi-Life Hustle]
I'm a one man gang when I'm runnin train, it's like bang, bang, bang
1992-02-04 Sir Mix-A-Lot "I'm Your New God" [Mack Daddy]
Put him in a gang, teach him to slang
1988-09-16 Eazy-E "No More?" [Eazy-Duz-It]
Ran with a gang, slanged in the meanwhile
1997-03-25 Warren G "Transformers" [Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)]
Tryin to represent, but don't know about the gang thang