DJ Quik


2007 Lil Rob "Nasty Rock" feat. Fingazz [Uncut For The Calles Mextape Vol. Uno]
Take my fingertips, grip them on their hips, cause they're all that and a bag of chips
1995-02-21 DJ Quik "Let You Havit" [Safe + Sound]
Makin that grip and stacking the chips high
1996-09 Foesum "Don't Get It Twisted" [Perfection]
Holdin a grip of chips while I smoke a fat j
1999 H.S.E. "Chop Chop" feat. E.S.G. [Hustlaz Stackin' Endz]
Flip too much, wood grain we grip too much
2003-11-14 G-Unit "Lay You Down" [Beg For Mercy]
Hollow-tips, four-fifths with the rubber grip
2013-06-11 Jarren Benton "My Adidas" [My Grandmas Basement]
Paid a grip for these damn kicks
2007-03-27 Prodigy "Return of The Mac" [Return of The Mac]
With a rusty gun, but the shit still spit, rubber bands on the handle, theNew YNew Yorkgrip
2000 Nefarious "Hellraizer" [Speak of Da Devil]
My stock's up a grip, 600 bucks a zip