Boot Camp Clik


2006-07-18 Boot Camp Clik "Hate All You Want" [The Last Stand]
Sean Price quick to box, grip your gwop
2009-04-17 Dr. Ama "Keep It In Da Street" feat. Blackk Starr, Young G [Split Personali-d]
I'm on blocks with gwop, exchanging shots with the cops
2007-01-30 RZA "We All We Got" feat. Black Knights [Afro Samurai The Soundtrack]
On the grind for this gwop, give it all that we got
2007-12-04 Ghostface Killah "Paisley Darts" feat. Cappadonna, Method Man, Raekwon, Sun God, Trife Da God [The Big Doe Rehab]
Coming for that gwop, yeah, nigga, you got beef
2007-12-12 Wu-Tang Clan "Stick Me For My Riches" feat. Gerald Alston [8 Diagrams]
I'ma give all I got, to try and get that gwop
2009-05-12 Paul Wall "Got To Get It" [Fast Life]
As long as opportunity knock, I'ma get that gwop
2008-09-09 LL Cool J "Get Over Here" feat. It's Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal, Ticky Diamondz [Exit 13]
We rocking the crowd, get gwop by the thou', wow
2007-12-12 Wu-Tang Clan "Gun Will Go" feat. Sunny Valentine [8 Diagrams]
Get gwop, then get low, but first thought
2007-11 Fes Taylor "Living My Life" [Needles, Thread & Fabric]
Yeah, get my dick whopped, plus nigga, I get gwop