The Game


2007-09-05 Kanye West "Flashing Lights" feat. Dwele [Graduation]
Hey, bae, lately, you been all on my brain
2012-07-09 Honey Cocaine "Rock the Boat" [90's Gold]
Hey, bae, how you doin today?
2014-05-27 Cher Lloyd "M.F.P.O.T.Y." [Sorry I'm Late]
Hey, this could be great, this could be cray
1988-11-15 King Tee "Act A Fool" [Act A Fool]
I stumbled his way and said, "Hey, pass the jay"
2012-04-05 The Game "The Logo" feat. Atlas, Lifestyle, Mele [California Republic]
Flew to Chicago for these j's, it was windy, but hey
1992-06-09 Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Skinz" feat. Grand Puba [Mecca & The Soul Brother]
Time to drop the Girbauds and parlay, hey
1993-01-12 Heavy D & The Boyz "Who's In The House" [Blue Funk]
I parlay around the way every day, hey!