1995-10-31 Fire "Gettin' High" feat. Master P [Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' & Swingin']
I'm getting higher, off that fire
1996 B-Legit "D-Boy Blues" [The Hemp Museum]
That fire have you higher than that Ike Turner
1999-06-29 Tre-8 "Get 'Em Rowdy" feat. Kango Slim, Lil' E, Mr. Cheefa [Armageddon - The Last Day For Rappers]
You know I got that fire, you take a puff, and you know you be feelin' higher
1999-08-31 Magic "Puff Puff" [Thuggin]
Smoking on that fire really get's me higher
2015-01-01 Troy Ave "Concrete Jungle" feat. Pusha T [White Christmas]
Fiends got higher, supplied that fire