P. Diddy


1994-10-15 Sam Sneed "U Better Recognize" feat. Dr. Dre [Murder Was The Case Soundtrack]
Making hits, stacking chips, now everything's legitimate
1998-02-24 AZ "Rock Me" feat. Jermaine Dupri [Caught Up Soundtrack]
Spendin all the chips, makin nuttin but hits
2001-07-10 P. Diddy "Back For Good Now" feat. Black Rob, Loon [The Saga Continues...]
I make all the chips off the hits I invent
2001-01-16 Daz Dillinger & JT The Bigga Figga "What You Gone Do?" feat. Telly Mac [Long Beach 2 Fillmoe]
We writin platinum hits to flip scripts and try to gain scrill
2002-10-08 Large Professor "Bout That Time" [1st Class]
Drop hits for the hip-hop crowd that rock kicks and hats
2001-03-27 KRS-One "Ghetto Lifestyles" [The Sneak Attack]
2006-07-25 Pharrell Williams "How Does It Feel?" [In My Mind]
Got more hits than a zip, who want it, nuh?