Mary J. Blige


1992-09-01 Chubb Rock "3 Men At Chung King" feat. Grand Puba, Red Hot Lover Lover Tone [I Gotta Get Mine Yo!]
Hon spread the 411 as if her name was Connie Chung
1993-12-07 Mary J. Blige "What's The 411?" feat. Grand Puba [What's The 411? Remix]
What's the 411? Let me know, hon
1996-10-21 Salt-n-Pepa "Upside Down (Round & Round)" [Space Jam Soundtrack]
So what's the 411, hon?
2010-04-20 9th Prince "Dear R&B" [Revenge of The 9th Prince]
Mary J. Blige, what's the 411, hon?
1992-10-20 Grand Puba "360 Degrees (What Goes Around)" [Reel To Reel]
Here's the four one one, hon, the one who gets the job done