Three 6 Mafia


2001-07-02 Square One "Paradise Lost" [Walk of Life]
Little shorties goin' insane, givin' brain to strangers
2005-03-29 Three 6 Mafia "Squeeze It" feat. Lil Wyte [Choices II: The Setup]
She give brain insane
1993-07-20 Cypress Hill "Insane In The Brain" [Black Sunday]
Bro, I got ta maintain, cause a nigga like me is goin' insane
1995-02-28 Brotha Lynch Hung "Rest In Piss" [Season of Da Siccness]
Loc to the brain, insane with a main game that will maintain
1995-05-02 Masta Ace Incorporated "Maintain" [Sittin' On Chrome]
It seems insane, but I gotta maintain
2007-11-13 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "So Many Places" [T.H.U.G.S.]
Do the damn thang, and I've got to maintain, try not to go insane
2012-08-21 Chino XL "Bad Man Bible" [Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary]
I maintain with a brain that is clinically insane
2013-09-30 Nelly "My Chick Better" feat. Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa [M.O.]
But mine is more like my brain, without her, mayne, I'm insane