Bushwick Bill


1998-10-27 Bushwick Bill "Sa Fools" feat. BBA, Q-Dog [No Surrender... No Retreat]
On my way to 2-1-3 to front these niggaz some ki's
2011-01-11 Schoolboy Q "Birds & The Beez" feat. Kendrick Lamar [Setbacks]
I'd rather bust off the ki's, yeah, nigga, birds and the beez
2001-08-21 Juvenile "4 Minutes" feat. Hot Boy$ [Project English]
They smokin' weed, they slangin' d, they sellin' ki's
2007-03-13 Mobb Deep "Crime Connection" feat. Cormega [The Infamous Archives]
Had dreams to bag ki's and fill duffel bags with mad G's
1994-10-25 Havoc & Prodeje "G'Z On Da Move" feat. L.V. [Kickin' Game]
1996-04-09 MC Eiht "Thuggin It Up" feat. Compton's Most Wanted [Death Threatz]
I got dreams of slangin' ki's, rollin' on D's
1988-01-31 Too $hort "City of Dope" [Life Is... Too $hort]
Now he's buying ki's, making G's
1992-04-26 UGK "Cocaine In The Back of The Ride" [The Southern Way]
Movin' ki's, makin G's, hoes drop to they knees
1996-08-27 OutKast "Mainstream" [ATLiens]
Then selling dimes, now, it's quarter-kiskis stacking G's
1999-12-07 The Notorious B.I.G. "Niggas" [Born Again]
Smokin weed, flippin ki's, makin crazy G's
2010-06-21 Z-Ro "Real Or Fake" feat. Mike D [Heroin]
Broke bread with true G's, and fronted a few ki's
2003-09-16 Sheek Louch "Don't Mean Nuthin'" feat. Jadakiss, J-Hood [Walk Witt Me]
I'm in the hooptie with 3 ki's, a boy in it
2010-02-24 Tyler, The Creator "Inglorious" feat. Hodgy Beats [Bastard]
Pushin' ki's like them niggaz that were banging on the keys
1996-02-13 2Pac "Picture Me Rollin'" feat. Big Syke, CPO, Danny Boy [All Eyez On Me]
I got ki's comin from overseas, cost a nigga two hundred G's
1996-10-08 Kane & Abel "Basement Session" feat. Mia X, Skandolous, Steph [The 7 Sins]
Slangin oz's and quarter ki's, niggas dressed in army fatigues
1999-08-03 Charli Baltimore "Stand Up!" feat. Ghostface Killah [Cold As Ice]
Sheisty, trees soaked in half-ki's