Snoop Doggy Dogg


1993-05-04 The Coup "The Coup" [Kill My Landlord]
The word is heard across the bay and in L.A.
1995-03-14 2Pac "Young Niggaz" [Me Against The World]
Not just L.A., but in the bay, and in Chicago and even St. Louis
1997-01-10 TRU "Bad Boyz On A Mission" [West Coast Bad Boyz II]
From the bay to L.A., bad boys on a mission
1997-07-08 Ant Banks "Can't Stop" feat. E-40, Mack 10 [Big Thangs]
From L.A. to the bay it's Mack 10 and E-40
1997-07-08 Ant Banks "Coolin In The Luff" feat. Chuey Gomez, E-40 [Big Thangs]
From L.A. to the bay, you understand?
1997-08-05 Master P "How To Be A Playa" feat. Fiend, Silkk the Shocker [How To Be A Player Soundtrack]
My homies be ballin', pimp tricks erryday, from L.A. to the bay
1997-10-28 Spice 1 "510, 213" feat. Big Syke, WC [The Black Bossalini]
Every time I hit L.A., I get love you know, cause I'm from the bay
1997-10-28 Spice 1 "Fetty Chico & The Mack" feat. Mack 10 [Tha Black Bossalini]
Straight murder display from L.A. to the bay
1998-02-24 C-BO "Major Pain & Mr. Bossalini" feat. Spice 1 [Til My Casket Drops]
Keep it crackin from L.A. all the way back down to the bay
1999-03-02 G'Fellas "Don't Slip" feat. Don Cisco, Jay Tee [Crime Stories]
2015-08-07 Colonel Loud "California" feat. Ricco Barrino, T.I., Young Dolph [California]
Sellin' O.G. from L.A. and crates from the Bay!
2015-12-04 G-Eazy "Drifting" feat. Chris Brown, Tory Lanez [When It's Dark Out]
She's still in L.A., my mom's out in the Bay
1996-11-12 Snoop Doggy Dogg "Doggfather (Remix)" feat. Timbaland [Tha Doggfather]
From the V-A to the L-A
2001-10-23 Outlawz "World Wide (Remix)" feat. 2Pac, T-Low [Novakane]
L.A. to V.A. and even Vancouver
2010-11-16 Nelly "Liv Tonight" feat. Keri Hilson [5.0]