The Dayton Family


1996-09-24 The Dayton Family "Player Haters" feat. Esham [F.B.I.]
Bustas be lame, got you bitches fiendin' for that cane
1988-01-31 Too $hort "Cusswords" [Life Is... Too $hort]
When it comes to game, you are lame
1988-09-13 Ice-T "High Rollers" [Power]
Prey on the lame, no shame to the game
2005-09-27 Three 6 Mafia "Hard Hittaz" [Most Known Unknown]
Why I gotta take the blame for lame-ass niggaz not havin things
2007-06-19 Huey "Pop Lock & Drop It (Remix)" feat. Bow Wow, T-Pain [Notebook Paper]
I'ma make it rain, these otha dudes is lame
2007-03-13 Fat Joe "Make It Rain (Remix)" feat. Ace Mack, Birdman, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, R. Kelly, T.I. [Make It Rain]
Your boyfriend is lame, I make it rain on you. He never make it rain, like southern California