Spice 1
locked up


1999-05-18 8Ball & MJG "Don't Flex" [In Our Lifetime, Vol. 1]
Them country ATL boys got it locked up and sewed up, and keep it rocked up, glocked up
2004-06-08 Spice 1 "Nature To Ride" [The Ridah]
We can't be locked up, used to go to funerals glocked up
2000-07-04 50 Cent "You Ain't No Gangsta" [Power of The Dollar]
You the type to get paper when I'm locked up, get yo jewels rocked up
2003-07-22 Lil' Keke "Throw Your Sets Up" [Street Stories Vol. 1]
We got the hood locked up, got the watch rocked up