2008-04-01 Trina "Single Again" [Still Da Baddest]
Smokin' on Cali bud, that's how a real G show a bitch Cali love
1987-07-22 LL Cool J "Ahh, Let's Get Ill" [Bigger & Deffer]
I'm the ladies love, lyrical lord in the club
2005-03-22 Tech N9ne "Be Jealous" [Vintage Tech]
Mean mugs, niggas ain't never seen love
2005-03-01 Pimp C "I'sa Playa (Time)" feat. Bun B, Twista [Sweet James Jones Stories]
Mad cause I snuck that love, baby, don't bust that slug
2006-05-23 Bronze Nazareth "Detroit" feat. Kevlaar 7, Phillie [The Great Migration]
No love, but a slug, for these pussies try'nna push me
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Flossin Season" feat. B.G., Big Tymers [400 Degreez]
Gold slugs, stuntin' cause we got love
2001-07-10 Mr. Marcelo "Redrum" feat. Popeye [Streetz Got Luv 4 Me]
All for the love, my thugs be busting them slugs
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "Klubb Nite" feat. 5 Foot Hyper Sniper, Heem, K-Blunt [Brain Food]
To my thugs in the club, we can show love or slugs
2006-07-18 Boot Camp Clik "Everybody Knows Now" [The Last Stand]
I got nothin' but slugs for your fucker love
2011-03-08 WC "Walking In My Taylors" feat. DJ Crazy Toones, Tracy Nelson [Revenge of The Barracuda]
Fuck a love song, slugs is thrown
2011-10-31 A$AP Rocky "Palace" [Live. Love. A$AP]
Stone cold love, rose gold slugs
1997-04-22 Heavy D "Get Fresh Hev" [Waterbed Hev]
Buff thugs who show love, back-rubs from dimes