Tha Alkaholiks


2001-07-03 Tha Alkaholiks "Bar Code" feat. Xzibit [X.O. Experience]
I drink a lot of ale, smoke a lot of l's a day
1997-03-02 D12 "Bring Our Boys" feat. IQ [The Underground EP]
Like l's of that bomb-ass herb that's guaranteed to rock bells
1997-11-04 Mic Geronimo "Usual Suspects" feat. DMX, Ja Rule, The LOX, Tragedy Khadafi [Vendetta]
Twist l's, blow chats with the rap cartels
1996-10-22 House of Pain "X-Files" [Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again]
I kill fourteen billion cells puffin' l's
2008-07-22 Almighty "Now Or Never" feat. Solomon Childs [Original S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)]
In jail cells we twist l's
2009-11-24 Holocaust & American Poets 2099 "Fancy Boxing" feat. Dungeon Masta, Judah Priest, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant [Theatre of Pain]
I dwell in the dark, spark l's frequently
1995-08-29 Junior M.A.F.I.A. "Murder Onze" [Conspiracy]
In the 5 double-0 SL puffin' l's
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Survival of The Fittest" [The Infamous]
Puffin' l's, laid back, enjoyin the smell
2001-07-24 Cormega "Killaz Theme II" feat. Mobb Deep [The Realness]
Smokin' buddha, l's, and weed so good, they leave a funny smell
2006-07-25 Chief Kamachi "Holy Rollers" feat. State Store [Concrete Gospel]
Tryna twist them l's, see the spell different cast on my soldiers
1999-04-27 Mobb Deep "I'm Going Out" [Murda Muzik]
We do it well, clip niggas like l's