Tracey Lee


1997-02-17 Camp Lo "Black Connection" [Uptown Saturday Night]
Handlin' B.I. for my crooks back in the BX
1997-04-08 Tracey Lee "Clue (Who Shot LR?)" [Many Facez]
I handles my B-I, then I'm slidin'
1997 GP Wu "Life Bid" [Don't Go Against The Grain]
Doin big B-I, lookin dead into my future
1998-11-17 Method Man "Dangerous Grounds" feat. Streetlife [Tical 2000: Judgement Day]
Handle my B-I, camouflauge like G.I.
1999-07-22 Shyheim "Verses From The Arsenal" feat. Squig Trust [Manchild]
Question, why you in my B.I.?
1999-09-07 Jeru The Damaja "99.9 Pa Cent" [Heroz4Hire]
Friendship vs. B.I., I keep my thoughts
2000-10-17 Reflection Eternal "This Means You" feat. Mos Def [Train of Thought]
Or just V.I., to handle my B.I.
2003-02 J Dilla "The $" [Ruff Draft]
I gotta handle my B.I., and I do
2006-06-13 Mr. Lif "Collapse" [Mo' Mega]
Handle my B.I.