Dizzee Rascal


2004-09-06 Dizzee Rascal "Stand Up Tall" [Showtime]
Blingin ice sitting nice in your hand
2005-06-21 Canibus "Talk The Talk" [Mind Control]
I talk about who's nice in the rap game and who got stripes
2002-07-23 Lil Wayne "500 Degreez" [500 Degreez]
Three stripes, baby nice, lot of ice, fucking ooohf!
1999-06-01 Group Home "Tear Shit Down" [A Tear For The Ghetto]
These niggas live trife, and you try to be nice
2000-11-28 Kool G Rap "Legendary Street Team" feat. M.O.P. [Lyricist Lounge 2]
My attributes of life never too nice, the rules are too trife
2003-06-03 Da Hol' 9 "Out Here" [That Hella Thurl Shit]
I hear people say it's so nice out herre, man, it's trife out herre
2011-02-15 Saigon "Pain In My Life" feat. Trey Songz [The Greatest Story Never Told]
That ain't nice, why you livin' so trife?