Field Mob


2000-12-12 Field Mob "Can't Stop Us" [613: Ashy To Classy]
Nicks go for 6
2000-02-15 The Murderers "Get It Right" feat. Black Child, Tah Murdah [Irv Gotti Presents... The Murderers]
I'm the type to take a brick, bust it down into dimes and nicks
2007-11 Fes Taylor "Dreaming" feat. Lon Dini, R. Kelly [Needles, Thread & Fabric]
Hand me a brick, grams you get, I see you while you handling nicks
1998-12-15 DJ Clue "I Don't Care" feat. Capone-N-Noreaga [The Professional]
I went from hustlin' nicks to hustlin' bricks
2001-10-09 T.I. "You Ain't Hard" [I'm Serious]
Sell fat nicks for 10 til the bricks get in
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "What's Messin' Wit Dat?" feat. Preacherman [Brain Food]
I don't break down bricks, bag dimes and nicks
2008-02-05 KRS-One "Watch This!" feat. S-Five [Adventures In Emceein]
You either Blood or Crip, you sellin dubs or nicks
2004-03-16 Cassidy "Pop That Cannon" feat. Styles P, Swizz Beatz [Split Personality]
Ayo, I use to pitch nicks, now I spit rhymes
1999-02-23 Prince Paul "The Men In Blue" feat. Everlast [A Prince Among Thieves]
I got spics sellin' nicks in the LES
2001-05-22 Pastor Troy "Vica Versa" feat. Peter The Disciple [Face Off]
Servin' nicks and talkin' shit