Army of The Pharaohs


2006-03-21 Army of The Pharaohs "Silence & I" [The Torture Papers]
Packin' MACs in the back of the Ac on some Big Pun shit
1990 415 "Call It What You Want 2" [41Fivin]
Loc's got my back and I know that he's packin
1997-02-04 C-BO "Livin' Like A Hustler, Pt. 2" feat. B-Legit [One Life 2 Live]
Packin the gat and won't think twice to bust a cap
2006-07-31 Little Brother "Home" feat. Joe Scudda [Separate But Equal]
People still packin, cups flow with 'gnac
1990-05-24 Compton's Most Wanted "I Give Up Nuthin" [It's A Compton Thang]
I proceed to start jackin, never sweatin it, I'm known for packin
1989-03-12 Geto Boys "Size Ain't Shit" [Grip It! On That Other Level]
While you lackin, Bushwick is packin
1995-11-21 Group Home "Serious Rap Shit" feat. Big Shug, Guru [Livin' Proof]
Shit is gettin' hectic, I'm packin' a MAC-10