2003-09-09 Trae "Oh No" feat. Chamillionaire, Paul Wall [Losing Composure]
Make a jacker feel the pain, and he can charge it to the game
2012-10-03 K'Naan "Better" [Country, God Or The Girl]
Love means pain, lust is just a part of it, charge it to the game
2006-07-25 Inspectah Deck "How I Get Down" [The Resident Patient]
The joint pain I felt, had to charge to the game myself
2001-06-26 Z-Ro "Gripping Grain" feat. Den Den [King of Da Ghetto]
I'm gripping grain, causing pain, hold it down H-town
2006-07-21 PJ "Call Me PJ" [Rap Hustler 2]
In the game having thangs, outlaw bringing pain
1990-08-13 Kool G Rap & DJ Polo "Jive Talk" [Wanted: Dead Or Alive]
Arraigned, breakin' to maintain, and watchin' my name bring you pain
1995-08-15 2Pac "My Block" [The Show Soundtrack]
I hit the green just to maintain, feelin pain
1996-10-29 Originoo Gunn Clappaz "Gunn Clapp" [Da Storm]
1997-07-29 Cella Dwellas "Main Aim" [Soul In The Hole Soundtrack]
The pain, to see these wack niggaz gain, aiyyo, I'm tryin to maintain
1998-08-11 Killarmy "5 Stages of Consciousness" [Dirty Weaponry]
You gotta maintain, cope with the stress and pain
2000-06-20 Jurassic 5 "Great Expectations" [Quality Control]
The struggle and the pain to maintain and continue
2004-03-30 Dead Prez "Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)" [Revolutionary But Gangsta]
All the pain got me on some migraine shit, but I'm gonna maintain
2004-08-10 Brand Nubian "Momma" [Fire In The Hole]
All your heartache and pain, and how difficult it was for you to maintain
2006-03-21 Army of The Pharaohs "Into The Arms of Angels" [The Torture Papers]
I try to maintain, the pain is unstoppable
1999 Domino "Cocoa Tang" [Remember Me?]
You may feel the pain, while the homies run a train
2015-03-31 Wale "The Success" [The Album About Nothing]
I ain't slang in the 80's, but I feel the pain y'all went through