Compton's Most Wanted


1990-05-24 Compton's Most Wanted "This Is Compton" [It's A Compton Thang]
Chill's from the C-P-T. You got beef? What a pity
1997-07-01 Puff Daddy "Don't Stop What You're Doing" feat. Lil' Kim [No Way Out]
Y'all niggaz' shit on e, what a pity
2010-10-12 9th Prince "9th Chamber" [One Man Army]
In New York City showing no pity, on the gritty, I gets busy
2002-04-16 Z-Ro "All Night" feat. Reesa [Screwed Up Click Representa]
A Mo-City nigga, we don't know how to show pity, nigga
2002-12-17 Z-Ro "Talkin' Down On Me" [Life]
Mo City, my block showing no pity for cops
2002-12-17 Z-Ro "Make It" feat. Mexican D [Life]
Showing no pity, from that Mo City
2005-02-22 Bone Brothers "Give It To Me" feat. Felecia Howse [Bone Brothers]
Ain't it a pity, right? Never saditty bitches
1993-06-25 Poison Clan "Some More Shit" [Rufftown Behavior]
Stop actin' all seditty, I ain't got no pity