Bone Thugs-n-Harmony


1995-07-25 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Da Introduction" [E. 1999 Eternal]
All o' the po-po, they follow
1994-09-06 Dru Down "Rescue 911" feat. Luniz [Explicit Game]
Be Audi on that asshole, fuck the po-po
1995-09-12 Kool G Rap "Executioner Style" [4, 5, 6]
Gunnin down all you bozos who run and call for po-po
1995-06-27 Special Ed "Rukus" [Revelations]
Fuck po-po, I smoke 'em like cocoa
1998 McGruff "Freestyle" [Destined To Be]
Livin so-so, flip cocoa, dippin from po-po
1998-06-02 Lunasicc "Major Figgas" [A Million Words, A Million Dollars]
Ain't no dodo, shake a hoe like a po-po
2000-11-28 Talib Kweli "Sharp Shooters" feat. Dead Prez [Lyricist Lounge 2]
I watch for the po-po and train at the dojo
1995-07-25 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Da Introduction" [E. 1999 Eternal]
All o' the po-po, they follow
1993-06-10 2Pac "I Get Around (Remix)" feat. Shock G [I Get Around]
The po po won't let me go
1994-10-18 The Coup "Santa Rita Weekend" feat. E-40, Spice 1 [Genocide & Juice]
Let me go, po po, I'm innocent
1996-11-19 Flesh-N-Bone "Mystic Spirits" [T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)]
They wonderin' where did he go to get away from the po-po
1993-11-10 E-40 "Hide 'n' Seek" [Federal]
Shit, I don't know, you might decide to call the po-po
1995-11-28 Gospel Gangstaz "Y Can't Da Homies Hear Me?" [Do Or Die]
But they don't know the po-po
1997-07-08 Ant Banks "Can't Stop" feat. E-40, Mack 10 [Big Thangs]
No case, cause every po-po and they mammy know
2002-10-29 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Cleveland Is The City" feat. Avant [Thug World Order]
Po po know they can't hold us
1995-07-25 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Crept & We Came" [E. 1999 Eternal]
When the po-po roll, that's when you lay low
2001-06-18 D12 "Pistol Pistol" [Devils Night]
Blazin' at po-po, escapin and lay low
2001-07-10 Mr. Lil One "Stay With Me" [Tha 13th Skorn]
All I gotta do is lay low from the po-po
2009-11-10 Crooked I "U Shoulda Made A Phone Call" feat. K-Young [Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist]
A pig is our logo, but we ain't the po-po
1994-05-30 Jayo Felony "Bitch I'm Through" [Take A Ride]
The po-po wanna know why my eyes low
1995-07-03 Luniz "So Much Drama" feat. Nik Nack [Operation Stackola]
Po-po start searchin low, but found no evidence
2008-03-06 Buddha Monk "We On Point" feat. Casine Kelly, I-Born, Shake-A-Vel [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk]
Duck low and make sure I'm clear of the po-po
1995-10-10 Souls of Mischief "Where The Fuck You At?" [No Man's Land]
He no po-po, no, he make his dough sellin candy
1998-12-15 DJ Clue "Red" feat. Redman [The Professional]
Po po found the dro, but no firearm
2001-04-17 Califa Thugs "Be Rollin" feat. Mr. Sancho [Califa Thugs]
Plus, the 5-0 is a no-no, fuck the po-po
1994-09-06 Dru Down "Hoo Ride" feat. Luniz [Explicit Game]
Oh no, I think I see the po-po
1998 Mack 10 "The Letter" [The Recipe]
Avoid the po-po and become a rap pro
1997-07-01 Puff Daddy "I Got The Power" feat. The LOX [No Way Out]
Every day's the same old, runnin from po-po
1998-04-07 AZ "Trial of The Century" feat. Foxy Brown, Panama P.I. [Pieces of A Man]
Empty out, before the po po come bust the show
1999-06-08 MC Eiht "Dayz of '89" [Section 8]
Quickly now, don't let the po-po show
1999-04-27 Michel'le "Mr. Officer" feat. Captain Save M', El Dorado [Chronic 2000: Still Smokin' (Suge Knight Represents)]
Here come the po-po, still roll slow mo'
1999-09-14 Eve "Let's Talk About" feat. Drag-On [Ruff Ryders' First Lady]
Man, fuck the po-po, them niggas is moving slow mo
1993-07-20 Threat "PDK" [Sickinnahead]
Po-po can't have my life, or my soul, so
1994-04-19 Nas "Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)" [Illmatic]
Back down po-po, when I'm vexed so
1998 McGruff "Freestyle" [Destined To Be]
Livin so-so, flip cocoa, dippin from po-po
1996-09-17 Ras Kass "Anything Goes" [Soul On Ice]
I've seen fools that struggle and turn they own self into the po-po
2002-11-19 Dead Prez "Turn Off The Radio" [Turn Off The Radio: The Mixtape Vol. 1]
Really though, we really got beef with the po-po
2009-09-01 Insane Clown Posse "Chop Chop Slide" [Bang! Pow! Boom!]
Uh oh, here come the po-po