Bad Meets Evil


2011-06-14 Bad Meets Evil "Loud Noises" feat. Slaughterhouse [Hell: The Sequel]
Poppin' a glock at his moms and his pops then he hops in his drop
1993-10-12 Salt-n-Pepa "Heaven Or Hell" feat. Styowlz [Very Necessary]
I'm all that I got, pops, and that's a lot, hops
1991-10-15 Digital Underground "Heartbeat Props" [Sons of The P]
I want to give props to my pops
1992-07-21 House of Pain "Jump Around" [House of Pain]
Sho' nuff, I got props from the kids on the hill, plus my mom and my pops
1992-09-22 Showbiz & A.G. "Hold Ya Head" [Runaway Slave]
Pushing moms, no pops, I had to get my own props
1992-11-23 Paris "Thinka 'Bout It" [Sleeping With The Enemy]
Got much props from my pops cause he never stops
1993-09-28 Souls of Mischief "Live & Let Live" [93 Til Infinity]
The props cause they pops lots of mops, heads drop
1994-03-22 Paradise "Hootchies Need Love Too" [Above The Rim Soundtrack]
Just like your pops, and you gets no props
1994-09-27 PMD "Shade Business" [Shade Business]
Nuff props to the moms and pops