Mac Dre


1999-09-28 Mac Dre "Fire" feat. Big Lurch [Rapper Gone Bad]
I'm 29 with many rhymes and love xo
1999-10-26 Akinyele "Get Up" [Aktapuss]
Yo, it should be a crime, the way I murder these rhymes
1990-03-20 Public Enemy "Fight The Power" [Fear of A Black Planet]
What counts is that the rhymes, designed to fill your mind
1990-08-01 Too $hort "Rap Like Me" [Short Dog's In The House]
I keep rapping my rhymes, all the time
2002-11-26 Extended [email protected] "The Evils That Pens Do" [Happy Fuck You Songs]
You waste time, I lace rhymes with dopeness
2003 Apocalipps "World War 3" [The Get Right]
Shit, I'm ahead of my time, I body your rhymes