Busta Rhymes


1997-09-15 Busta Rhymes "When Disaster Strikes" [When Disaster Strikes]
Do it right and big up my peeps and a-alikes
2012-12-18 T.I. "Wildside" feat. A$AP Rocky [Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head]
Them geek monsters walk all night with they crack pipes, tryin' to get right
2004 Shyne "Edge" [Godfather Buried Alive]
First some 15, keep that king pumpin' right, hard white, cold cash
2012-10-09 Lil B "Don't Forget About Me" [Illusions of Grandeur 2]
Gotta play your cards right, pushing the hard white
2000-10-29 Daz Dillinger "When Ya Least Expect It" [R.A.W.]
It's right, shit niggas gotta do to earn they stripes
2002-05-28 Lil' Keke "Love & Understood" feat. Billy Cook [Birds Fly South]
Get your slabs tight, while I get the raps right
2010-09-28 Lecrae "God Is Enough" feat. Flame, Jai [Rehab]
1997-11-04 Mic Geronimo "Single Life" feat. Carl Thomas, Jay-Z [Vendetta]
Now, if I'm right, then it might sound trife
1999-06-01 Group Home "Keep Rising" [A Tear For The Ghetto]
Things are right, niggas, they start to act trife
1999-07-13 Gang Starr "All 4 Tha Ca$h" [Full Clip]
If the price is right, niggaz can get trife aight
2008-04-29 Maino "Hi Hater" [Hi Hater]
It's a fact, right, niggas act trife
1989-05-19 Chill Rob G "Make It" [Ride The Rhythm]
My song will pump right, because I'm trump tight
1999-03-09 Jane Blaze "Slow Down" feat. Sauce Money [The Corruptor Soundtrack]
Play your hand right, I'm trump tight
2003-05-25 Nate Dogg "Next Boyfriend" feat. Knoc-Turn'Al [Nate Dogg]
Late night, trump tight, midnight, just right, trenchcoat, no clothes