Big Pokey


1997-03-04 DJ Muggs "It Could Happen To You" feat. Mobb Deep [The Soul Assassins]
4 pound, get hit with rounds
2008-07-22 Big Pokey "Boss Hogg On Candy" feat. Slim Thug [Evacuation Notice]
Don't leave home without the iron, extra rounds in case it go down
2008-11-25 Anybody Killa "Attitude" [Mudface]
Who wants try to calm me down when I'm in a state of mind that wants to let off rounds
1999-08-24 The High & Mighty "In-Outs" feat. Cage [Home Field Advantage]
Stormin grounds with four-pounds, I exist through the rounds
2006-06-06 Yung Joc "Don't Play Wit It" feat. Big Gee [New Joc City]
Let off a couple rounds, turn your smile to a frown
1996-10-01 Real Live "Real Live Shit (Remix)" feat. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Killa Sin, Lord Tariq [The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama]
Auto pounds, touchin' clowns, DT's clock rounds
2004-06-29 Lloyd Banks "Work Magic" feat. Young Buck [The Hunger For More]
You hear that fo'-fifth sound, duck when I spit rounds
2006-04 Buddha Monk "What You Need" feat. Babyface Fensta, Drastic, Juice [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 3: Unleash The Fury]
Dump rounds round here, loud sound round here
2011-01-31 Random & Lost Perception "Birth of A God" feat. Devastate, Pennywise [Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII]
Let off infinite rounds, a frightening sound
2003-03-04 Fabolous "My Life" feat. Mary J. Blige [Street Dreams]
I carry three pounds, and nearly three rounds
2014-08-12 Dilated Peoples "Defari Interlude" feat. Defari [Directors of Photography]
I'd rather dump 200 rounds and watch you fucks run out of town!
1997-08-05 Killarmy "Swinging Swords" [Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars]
My tre pound rounds'll melt you
2011-12-09 50 Cent "Nah, Nah, Nah" feat. Tony Yayo [The Big 10]
You fuck around, the tre-pound, that's six rounds for the raw
2003-04-28 RZA "Saian" feat. Ghostface Killah, Saian Supa Crew [The World According To RZA]
Dust off rounds, surround sound, trey pound
2005-11-22 Canibus "Shogun" feat. Shaq Diesel [MicClub Mixtape Master, Vol. 1]
Lay down or taste rounds from the trey pound