1998-10-13 Mobb Deep "Feel My Gat Blow" [Slam Soundtrack]
Put it back in replay, slow-mo, rollin for dolo
2003-04-08 Z-Ro "We Ballin" feat. Young Chris [A Bad Azz Mix Tape]
Pull up in the low-low, everything slow-mo
1999-04-27 Michel'le "Mr. Officer" feat. Captain Save M', El Dorado [Chronic 2000: Still Smokin' (Suge Knight Represents)]
Here come the po-po, still roll slow mo'
1999-09-14 Eve "Let's Talk About" feat. Drag-On [Ruff Ryders' First Lady]
Man, fuck the po-po, them niggas is moving slow mo
1998 Queen Latifah "Bananas" [Order In The Court]
So-so, slow mo's comin' in like the po-po's