2008-06-24 RZA "Try Ya Ya Ya" feat. Monk, Thea [Digi Snacks]
Three wheel and hundred spokes, while I'm blowing chronic smoke
1997-03-25 Warren G "Relax Your Mind" feat. Reel Tight [Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)]
Pass me the indo smoke and get locced
1998-07-21 Nate Dogg "Puppy Love" feat. Dogg Pound, Snoop Doggy Dogg [G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2]
Now I found myself blowin' out smoke, bombed-out, looney, and locced
1999-11-02 Tash "Fallin On" [Rap Life]
We be both be gettin loc'd, when we off that smokey smoke
2001-09-25 Guru "In Here" feat. Black Jesus, Killah Priest, Timbo King [Baldhead Slick & Da Click]
You can smoke in here, get loc'd in here
1991-11-12 2Pac "Tha' Lunatic" [2Pacalypse Now]
Nigga, I'm loc'ed when I smoke, from the indo
1994-11-22 Redman "Wuditlooklike" [Dare Iz A Darkside]
The buddha I smoke is no joke when I'm loc'ed
2010-05-04 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Meet Me In The Sky" feat. K-Young [Uni-5: The World's Enemy]
Earth got me loc'ed now, chillin' in the smoke house
2001-06-26 Knightowl "You Wanna Bang" feat. Mr. Skrilla, Slush The Villain [Bald Headed Kingpin]
Is the Optimo smoke just enough to have you aimin' at your throat
1998-07-07 Kane & Abel "No Limit Niggas" feat. C-Murder, Fiend [Am I My Brothers Keeper]
Don't give a fuck about the popos, niggas, smoke some bud
1997-05-27 Chubb Rock "I Am What I Am" [The Mind]
They toke the devil's smoke, puffin' their l's
2003-07-22 C-Note "We Don't Give A Fuck" feat. JK [Street Fame]
Fully choppers what we tote, leaving them haters up in smoke