Gucci Mane


1994-06-07 Warren G "This Is The Shack" feat. The Dove Shack [Regulate... G Funk Era]
Dippin' down your block just to street sweep your spot, nigga
2007-10-11 Gucci Mane "Spanish Plug" [Trap-A-Thon]
What the bumba claat? My trap spot, dreadlocks and rastas
2003-06-17 King Geedorah "Krazy World" feat. Gigan [Take Me To Your Leader]
Cock-blockin your spot
1995-12-12 X-Raided "Do You Wanna Get High" feat. Lunasicc [Xorcist]
Drop it like it's hot, time to shake the spot
2002-09-24 Nas "My Worst Enemy" [The Lost Tapes]
Trigger pawn cocked glocks, spray up your mom's spot
1995-05-30 Show & A.G. "Time For" [Goodfellas]
Watch your spot, cause if you sleep, you'll get got
1998-05-05 Cocoa Brovaz "Get Up" [Lyricist Lounge, Volume One]
When BK in the spot, ya know ya got ta
2011-02-17 Yo Gotti "Lean On Me" feat. Lil' Keke, Slim Thug [Lean On Me]
Got a spot in the A
2007-08-28 Yung Joc "Coffee Shop (Dirty Version)" feat. Gorilla Zoe [Coffee Shop]
Coffee shop, the drop spot, hand the ham, get my gwap
1993-09-27 Lords of The Underground "From Da Bricks" [Here Come The Lords]
X marks the spot, cause it's me, hops
1988 Sweet Tee "On The Smooth Tip" [It's Tee Time]
Rockin the spot, cause the jam is hot
1999 D-Gotti "Dirty 3rd" feat. Dirty $, Double D, Noke D [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
Third coast won't stop, the hot spot
2013-03-05 Travis Porter "Lean I Sip" feat. Jose Guapo, Trey Trey [Mr. Porter]
Spot get hot, I guess we servin out the 12 then
2003-03-11 Killer Mike "Creep Show" feat. Bizarre [Monster]
1987 UTFO "Diss" [Lethal]
Right here on the spot, bustin you in the knot
1997-01-28 The Lady of Rage "Sho Shot" [Gridlock'd Soundtrack]
Blowin up the spot like infrared dots on your knot
2000-03-27 Black Rob "I Dare You" [Life Story]
Got the spot on lock
2000-06-20 MC Eiht "From Yo Hood 2 My Hood" [N' My Neighborhood]
Fools still riding, got the spot on lock
2002-04-26 50 Cent "50 Bars" [Guess Who's Back?]
He on lock, still controllin' the spot from Comstock
2002-11-26 Snoop Dogg "The One & Only" [Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$]
Kept a spot on hot, west coast on lock
2003-07-22 C-Note "Hold It Down Pt. 2" feat. Big T, H.A.W.K., Lil' Keke [Street Fame]
Holding the spot, this for my G's on lock
2003-10-21 Turk "Who Put It Together" [Raw & Uncut]
Our spot be hot, and I, got it on lock, nigga
1993-01-12 Heavy D & The Boyz "Silky" [Blue Funk]
I never flop, give me props, when I rock, I blow the spot
2005 King Just "Believe That" [Go N On Em]
Shell tops, boom box, crack rock be inside a weed spot
1996-04-02 Geto Boys "Geto Boys & Girls" [Resurrection]
5th Ward is the spot where niggas get shot
2001-01-01 Lil' Troy "For Years" feat. D-Man, R-Dis [Back To Ballin]
H-town is the spot, where niggaz get shot
1998-06-02 Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz "Streets 2 Da Stage" feat. Cam'Ron [Make It Reign]
Like a weed spot, let off three shots
2004-11-30 T.I. "Get Ya Shit Together" feat. Lil' Kim [Urban Legend]
Headed to the spot, pouring double shots of XO
1999 D-Gotti "Dirty 3rd" feat. Dirty $, Double D, Noke D [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
Third coast won't stop, the hot spot
2006-02-28 S.L.A.B. "The South" feat. J-Doe, Yung Redd, Z-Ro [Vol. 4.5: Plex]
Hustled on every spot, my wheels never stop
2015-09-11 Jay Rock "Fly on the Wall" feat. Ab-Soul, Busta Rhymes [90059]
His weak spot is a thot
2000 Defari "Joyride" [Joyride / Keep It On The Rise Pt. II / I Can't Wait (L.A. City)]
Slow creeper to the top, street sweep the whole spot