1997-04-25 Herbaliser "The Blend" feat. What What [Blow Your Headphones]
Brothers are getting busy grabbing TECs while I apex
2009-03-17 Saigon "Spit" [All In A Day's Work]
2001-12-11 Mobb Deep "Get At Me" [Infamy]
Four pounds and TECs, arms and chest
2005-06-28 Royce Da 5'9 "Ride" feat. Big Herk, Ingrid Smalls, Juan [Independent's Day]
Beatin your chest with ninas and TECs
2009-03-17 Saigon "Spit" [All In A Day's Work]
1998-04-07 Mr. Serv-On "We Got It" feat. Big Ed, Fiend, Magic [I Got the Hook-Up Soundtrack]
Totin' two TECs, camouflaged gear from toe to neck
1998-10-20 Kool G Rap "Da Bosses Lady" feat. Camileone [Roots of Evil]
On the low, 'cause you know he blaze TECs, and you fear for what's next
2001-02-27 T-Bone "Conversion" [The Last Street Preacha]
Whats next, sick of TECs and all them ghetto birds
2012-07-17 Nas "The Don" [Life Is Good]
Anyone moves next, I hit you with two TECs
1996-07-01 Nas "Take It In Blood" [It Was Written]
I'm all about TECs and good jooks and sex
2009-03-17 Saigon "Spit" [All In A Day's Work]
2012-08-21 Chino XL "Buried In Vocabulary" feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. [Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary]
Test and learn that death is hurtin, get irked when TECs is burstin