1985-01-21 Run-D.M.C. "Together Forever (Krush-Groove 4) (Live)" [King of Rock]
If there's beef, I knock out teeth
1989-07-25 Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump" [Paul's Boutique]
Yeah, we've got beef, chief, we're knocking out teeth, chief
1989 Chubb Rock "Bonus Beat (Dave & Rob)" [And The Winner Is...]
If you kiss your teeth, there's beef
1992-07-21 House of Pain "Put Your Head Out" [House of Pain]
Step up with beef, and you'll wind up losin' teeth
1993-07-12 Luke "Freestyle Joint" feat. Clayvosie, Debonaire, Fresh Kid Ice, JT Money [In The Nude]
For any nigga with beef in their fuckin' teeth
1995-03-28 King Tee "Check The Flow" feat. Sledge [IV Life]
Big grin, all teeth, for those who got beef
1993-05-04 Run-D.M.C. "Can I Get It, Yo" [Down With The King]
Beefin through your teeth, and what you see is what you get
2016-01-29 Kevin Gates "Really Really" [Islah]
Pretty white teeth, body unique, booty on fleek
2004-02-24 Paul Wall "They Don't Know" feat. Mike Jones [Chick Magnet]
Platinum and gold on top our teeth, big ol' chains with a iced-out piece