1998-08-11 E-40 "It's On, On Sight" feat. C-BO [The Element of Surprise]
Doin 25 with a l cause he won't tell on one of his
2005-02-08 Krayzie Bone "Lock Down Love" [Gemini: Good Vs. Evil]
Doing 5 to 10, tell, or 25 with an l
1999-08-17 Originoo Gunn Clappaz "If You Feel Like I Feel" [The M-Pire Shrikez Back]
Makin' mad moves in A-T-L, can't you tell
1998-02-17 Silkk the Shocker "What Gangsta's Do" feat. Kane & Abel, Mo B. Dick [Charge It 2 Da Game]
You know I'm bout my mail, nigga, can't you tell
2001-08-07 Soulja Slim "I'm A Fool" [The Streets Made Me]
Only time will tell, but until then I'll be stackin' my mail