Erick Sermon


1995-11-07 Erick Sermon "Move On" feat. Passion, Redman [Double Or Nothing]
They just ain't ready for this, cause I'm nice as shit
2002-03-19 Jayo Felony "Came Around" feat. Dulow Gang [West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 3: Poppin' Collars]
Get chips, get rich with this, think we could rap and make a hit with this
1990 H.W.A. "Gangstrology" [Livin' In A Hoe House]
I'm the gangstress, damn, let me think of this
1992-04-07 Das EFX "East Coast" [Dead Serious]
2005-11-15 Andre Nickatina & Equipto "Da Spitz" [Gun-Mouth 4 Hire: Horns & Halos 2]
Blow zips, split that, then swallow this