The Lady of Rage


1994-10-25 Lil' ½ Dead "12 Pacofdoja" feat. Hostyle [The Dead Has Arisen]
Throwin bolo's, commitin no-no's
1992-07-21 House of Pain "Feel It" [House of Pain]
Solo, bolos are what I'll be throwin'
1994-03-22 The Lady of Rage "Afro Puffs" feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg [Above The Rim Soundtrack]
I'm the one that's throwin bolos
1997-06-03 South Central Cartel "Funk U Up" [All Day Everyday]
Throwin bolos, so fuck what Bo knows
2000-04-04 Big Pun "It's So Hard" feat. Donell Jones [Yeeeah Baby]
One deep, I be solo, bustin' heat, throwin bolos
2005-03-29 Three 6 Mafia "Who I Is" feat. Lil Wyte, Trillville [Choices II: The Setup]
Niggaz gettin buck, ready to knuck, and they throwin bows