Sir Mix-A-Lot


1992-02-04 Sir Mix-A-Lot "Lockjaw" [Mack Daddy]
Steppin' on toes and throwin' low bolos
2010-02-16 Freeway & Jake One "Know What I Mean" [The Stimulus Package]
You gotta stack your dough, stay on your toes in the hood
1999 E.S.G. "Life of E.S.G" [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
Hoes tipping on they toes, trying to peep out my low
2000-04-18 Insane Clown Posse "Ghetto Fantasies" [Psychopathic Rydas Dumpin]
I'm smokin' an ounce, another mission keepin' you hoes on your toes
1994-05-23 Beastie Boys "B-Boys Makin With The Freak Freak" [Ill Communication]
I've got the Timbos on my toes when I'm not on the green
1994-05-24 Beastie Boys "Get It Together" feat. Q-Tip [Ill Communication]
Got the Timbos on the toes, and this is how it goes
1996-10-25 Dream Warriors "The Master Plan" feat. Kandu [The Master Plan]
He rocked Timbos from his ankles to his big toes